Connectbase Welcomes Bitė into Its Ecosystem, Expanding Access to Baltic Connectivity Solutions

March 27, 2024

BOSTON, MA, USA – March 27, 2024 – Connectbase, the leading global marketplace for buying and selling connectivity, is proud to announce the addition of Bitė to its ecosystem. This strategic partnership marks a significant step forward in enhancing connectivity options within the Baltic region, providing an invaluable link between local and international telecom players.

Founded in 1995, Bitė has solidified its position as the foremost provider of high-quality last-mile services in the Baltics. As a leading player in the region's telecommunications sector and a key component of a larger telco and media group, Bite's integration into the Connectbase ecosystem represents a pivotal development for the platform and its users.

Historically, the niche market in the Baltics necessitated that companies like Bitė operate through aggregators and resellers to connect with significant European players. This partnership with Connectbase opens new doors for Bitė, facilitating direct connections with large buyers in the Baltics and across the globe, including those based in the United States.

The inclusion of Bitė in the Connectbase platform offers substantial benefits to buyers, especially those in the US, by providing direct access to a leading local operator in the Baltic region. This accessibility simplifies the purchasing process through the platform, ensuring superior service, competitive pricing, and eliminating the need for intermediaries.

The Baltic market is witnessing rapid growth, with an increasing presence of US-based companies establishing branches and seeking telecommunications services in the region. By connecting directly with Bitė through Connectbase, these companies can significantly reduce procurement times, save on costs, and achieve a higher quality of service.

"We are excited to welcome Bitė into the Connectbase ecosystem," said Edison Smith, VP of EMEA at Connectbase. "This partnership not only adds a Baltic operator to our ecosystem but also aligns with our mission to simplify the buying and selling of telecom services globally. We look forward to the opportunities this will bring to both Bitė and our buyer customers, facilitating seamless connectivity solutions."

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