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The Connected World provides location-based insights on hundreds of millions of buildings around the world and counting. We provide fresh and accurate insight on a variety of connectivity-oriented data points to help you better buy and sell network.

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We get our data from a mix of client data, public records, and our own proprietary data to create the most accurate and up-to-date information that your business can trust.


We give you all of the relevant information you need including building data, tenant data, competitive data, and more.


Our platform constantly updates the insight so it never goes stale and you can rest assured knowing that what you’re seeing is current.
Location-Specific Data

Location Data

The Connected World Platform actively manages over 1.4 billion locations around the globe. For these buildings, we provide accurate address structures, latitude /longitude coordinates, unique Connectbase Global IDs, and more. Location truth is at the center of our data capabilities.

Network Intelligence

Network Intelligence

Our network intelligence is unmatched by any technology platform in the industry. With over 5,000 carriers profiled at a location level, we provide customers with the ability to make better building, selling, and buying decisions. Our network intelligence capabilities allow you to immediately identify LEC, MSO, Competitive, and Broadband providers at a building level. Layer on top of that information about products, speeds, and pricing available and you can power virtually any business decision.

Building Intelligence

Building Intelligence

With our building intelligence, you get tenant-level insight into each location you can serve. This includes an understanding of each tenant at the location, their size, line of business, estimated telecom spending, and even the technology stack they currently use. Make the best building and selling decisions possible with this granular insight.

Data Layers for Connectivity

Data Layers

The Connected World Platform allows you to visualize important data points as additional, layered perspectives. This includes data on network routes, right-of-ways, impediments, wireless structures, parcel boundaries, address points, and more. Connectbase can also create custom layers for our customers when industry data is available. The power our customers find in these data layers combined with the ability to mix industry layers with their own proprietary layers in a single view allows us to transform the way they buy and sell connectivity.

Intelligence from the platform has also helped us to determine whether an account is a good target based on distance from their fiber, estimated telco spend, combined with our calculation for payback.

Lynn Pope

Sr. Director, Marketing and Sales Operations, Summit Broadband

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