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Automate your wholesale selling process to increase your win rate. The Connected World helps you move away from managing and cleaning large spreadsheets and into the world of automation and trusted data.

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A Simpler Way To Sell Connectivity

Market Presence

Market Presence

Drive more presence in the market to make sure you are found and considered in more deals.
Location Data


Use location-specific data on your network footprint, including near-net buildings, as a competitive advantage. Set the right pricing at each of your locations to maximize your win rate.


Automate manual processes to enable your sales team to focus more time on what they do best, selling.
Total Addressable Connectivity Market

Identify Your Total Addressable Market

Are you currently spending too much time managing, cleaning, and reformatting your building lists to send to partners?

There’s a simpler way.

From helping turn KMZ files into on-net building lists to cleaning up your existing building lists to running a near-net analysis, The Connected World accurately and completely identifies your total addressable market in a centralized location.

Price at location level

Price At A Location Level

We give you the tools to set competitive pricing at the location level that enables you to win more deals. Eliminate cookie-cutter pricing models and learn where you are underpriced and overpriced by specific locations.

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Automate Building List Distribution

Automate Your Building Distribution

Slow communication kills deals. By automating the delivery of your building and network footprint, you can prevent needlessly lost deals.

Through The Connected World platform and its API stack, you can automate communicating your ever-changing serviceability to your partners in a variety of ways.

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The platform has become an indispensable part of FiberLight's business and has contributed to higher profitability for our organization.

Marc Dyman

Chief Revenue Officer, FiberLight

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