A Better Way To Buy Connectivity

Bring intelligence and automation to the entire network buying process. Make the right buying decisions to support your sales team while avoiding fallout and driving down costs.

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Support Your Deal Flow With Automated Network Buying



Automating the buying process allows you to quickly support your sales team and respond to more RFPs.


Clean, organized, and accurate data from suppliers will allow you to fill in the gaps within your deals to prevent fallout and lower your overall cost.


Agility and speed are game-changers for network buyers. The Connected World enables you to quickly switch out suppliers, get revised quotes, and make the right buying decisions.
Find Network Partners

Find The Right Suppliers For The Right Deals

We provide the most trusted and comprehensive network intelligence at a location level. Find the suppliers to round out your building coverage in RFPs using single and batch querying capabilities. Get accurate and up-to-date information that you can trust.

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Manage Network Partners

Efficiently Manage Your Suppliers

Managing supplier coverage data at a building level through The Connected World allows you to instantly search and view serviceability information. Being able to sort through large amounts of data and find the information you need is crucial to success when trying to fulfill deals for your sales team. See how moving to an automated platform will reduce the number of blocked deals you have.

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Connectivity Cost

Store And Modify Supplier Cost Data

Accurate cost data is essential to the buying process. Having all suppliers’ cost information at each location for each product gives you the reassurance to know you’re making the best purchasing decision for the client and at the lowest cost. This information gives you a leg up on your competitors with incomplete or inaccurate data.

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Buy Connectivity

Automate The Connectivity Buying Process

Now that you have your suppliers in order and customer requirements in hand, it’s time to buy. With The Connected World, we offer a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution that allows you to buy connectivity with the confidence of knowing that you quickly found the best provider for your deal.

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Connectbase provided a centralized location for MetTel’s serviceable locations, both on-net, and near-net. This allows us to quickly identify locations, products, and services available without the need to go through multiple data sets or websites.

Shaul Feinsod

Director, Quote Fulfillment, MetTel

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