Manage & Store Your Supplier Costs

The Connected World allows you to see the products and pricing available from all of your network partners. Additionally, we make it simple to turn these into product catalogs that are configurable to meet your needs.

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Easily Manage Supplier Product & Cost Data




The Connected World gives you a centralized location to see and manage all of your suppliers' product and cost data.


Take advantage of our self-managed capability and easily make the updates that you need to instantly.


Create and view all the product catalogs that you need to meet your needs and help you buy the right way.
Product Capabilities

Create a Product Catalog for Each Supplier Quickly

Easily create and store your suppliers’ products and pricing by location configuration in a centralized place.


Don’t Worry About Interoperability

Not only can we help you make product catalogs for every supplier, but our platform also helps you standardize product types across suppliers to help simplify the buying process – regardless of what individual suppliers may call their Ethernet offerings.

Make Changes Seamlessly

Make Changes Seamlessly

Product availability and your costs are always changing, making updates essential. We give you the control and ability to easily make updates, ensuring your process is more efficient than ever before.

Many of the groups within Crown Castle are leveraging the Connectbase platform to automate what has been a very slow and inefficient process. The platform has provided a single and centralized location to store all building and pricing data with Connectbase adding additional layers of location intelligence to each address.

Kevin Murray

Senior Product Manager, Crown Castle

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