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The Connected World gives you the data needed to set the right price for any product at any individual location. Say goodbye to the vulnerabilities of pricing too high or too low. Create a product catalog with various configurations, terms, and pricing to offer the best price at every serviceable location.

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Price Intelligently For Each Product At Each Location



With an easily configurable product catalog, you can set the right price for all of your offerings.


Pricing should be based on the specific product, location dynamics, and terms. The Connected World’s location-based insight enables you to be as precise as possible when pricing your products.


With our platform, you are able to quickly set and update your pricing at the location level so that you are always in control.
Connectivity Oriented Product Catalog

Connectivity Oriented Product Catalog

Your pricing should be unique at each of your serviceable locations based on the product being offered, the dynamics of the location itself, and the terms of the offering. Our platform natively offers a connectivity-oriented product catalog (spanning broadband, ethernet, dark fiber, etc) with the ability to simply configure pricing for a variety of terms across various location dynamics.


Location Specific Context (1)

Location Specific Context

Pricing by location is a competitive advantage for network providers. Understanding areas where you likely are priced too high or too low allows you to set the right price for each building you service. This ability not only helps you not undercut your own value but also helps you not price yourself out of potential deals. We offer best-in-class location intelligence around attributes most critical to effectively pricing a customer at a particular location – including the customer type, geography, connection status of the location, competitive density at the building, etc.

Make Changes Instantly

Make Changes Instantly

Speed is vital when it comes to selling. With our real-time data, you can determine the pricing you should set at each location, and quickly make changes to your product catalog at this granular level as insight calls for it.

Many of the groups within Crown Castle are leveraging the Connectbase platform to automate what has been a very slow and inefficient process. The platform has provided a single and centralized location to store all building and pricing data with Connectbase adding additional layers of location intelligence to each address.

Kevin Murray

Senior Product Manager, Crown Castle

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