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Losing deals because of a slow, manual quoting process is now a thing of the past. Connectbase’s CPQ capability enables real-time quoting from your robust, configurable supplier catalog. We help you make better, faster buying decisions to support more deals.

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Quickly Respond To Every RFP




Responding to quotes is quicker and faster than ever with our CPQ capability. Never miss out on a deal again due to a slow quoting process.


See and modify quotes as you see fit to match your needs. Understand the why and the logic behind the quotes you’re seeing.


Our platform is designed to allow you to meet all of the specifications you need in your buying process. We give you the tools to proactively reach out to suppliers to fill in any existing gaps in an RFP so you never have to walk away from a bid.

Quote Thousands Of Locations In Minutes using APIs

Through The Connected World platform, you are able to load thousands of locations and produce quotes for these locations in just minutes. This type of speed enables you to make buying decisions that support your deals at scale. Within our platform, through our API stack, you can connect to the entirety of your supplier base – whether they manage their data within The Connected World, outside of it on spreadsheets, or have their own API.

Quote Management

Manage Your Quotes Dynamically

With Connectbase, you are able to gain visibility into the origin of a quote and able to change any necessary elements of a quote to fit a bid. See and make these changes instantly to keep your buying process running efficiently.

Bid Management

Deliver Innovation To The Buying Process

We continue to bring innovation to our platform to make the process better for network buyers. For instance, our bid management tool automates communication with your suppliers to help avoid fallout and ensure customers get what they need.

"Trimmed down time-to-quote by more than 50% in 2020, exceeding the goal that we set for this metric."

Harry McGraw

Project Manager, CB Access Management, Cox

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