Connectbase Launches “The Connected World – Investors Edition”

February 26, 2024

Boston, MA, February 26, 2024 - Connectbase, The Global Ecosystem for Buying and Selling Connectivity, today announced the launch of a new product: The Connected World - Investors Edition.

This product gives digital infrastructure investors a platform to partner, monitor, and analyze their connectivity infrastructure holdings. The cloud system uses Connectbase’s location data and insights to deliver valuable visibility into portfolio companies’ connectivity positions, market activity and better guides network investment and growth choices. With this solution, investors can:

          • Securely connect to their portfolio companies and monitor their performance, risks, and opportunities in real-time, shifting focus from lagging to leading indicators.
          • Conduct market analysis to pinpoint key demand and supply trends, competitive forces, and regulatory factors shaping the connectivity services landscape.
          • Find opportunities to accelerate growth and improve return on invested capital by expanding into new geographies, segments, and products. Identify acquisition opportunities and approaches to improve coverage and conversions.
          • Collaborate with other companies in the Connectbase ecosystem to share best practices, business trends, and find partnership opportunities.
          • Gain visibility to fiber routes, data centers, power generation and distribution, and other critical infrastructure assets that impact connectivity availability and quality.
          • Access Connectbase’s market-leading total addressable market (TAM) data, which profiles and manages over 2.7 billion locations and growing in The Connected World, including Connectbase’s proprietary Estimated Telco Spend Algorithm to measure market size.

“Connectivity is the backbone of the digital economy, and investors play a critical role in bridging the digital divide and fostering innovation. However, investing in connectivity is not easy, as it requires a deep understanding of the complex and dynamic market dynamics, as well as the ability to execute deals quickly and efficiently. That’s why we created The Connected World - Investors Edition, to empower investors with the data, tools, and network they need to succeed in this space,” said Ben Edmond, CEO of Connectbase.

About Connectbase 
Connectbase is a partner to the industry, enabling a platform that transforms the buying and selling of connectivity across the globe. To learn more about Connectbase and The Connected World - Investors Edition, visit
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