Making the RFP Process Easier for Both Buyers and Sellers

April 17, 2023 | Connectbase

One of the biggest frustrations we hear in the connectivity marketplace is just how tough it is to effectively turn around RFPs. For network operators, the process to collect all the requested data can be resource intensive, eating up manhours with manual research. And, at the same time, fighting against the pressure that competitors will get there first. For buyers, it’s the waiting for other people and answers, the follow-up on incomplete or insufficient information, and the driving need to act when the opportunity is ripe. 

Isn’t there a better way?

Try the new Connectbase Business Partner Portal

Operators who are part of the Connectbase ecosystem now have the option to set up a custom web portal that lets their partners query, quote, and initiate orders themselves, allowing the quote desk to engage without traditional manual methods.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Network operators work with Connectbase to create a branded, restricted-access portal pre-loaded with their proprietary serviceability, products and pricing. 
    Example of the branded login screen for a custom Business Partner Portal

  2. Operators can then choose to link the portal to their existing branded website or provide a direct link through communications with their partners.

  3. Partners, even those not part of the Connectbase ecosystem, are assigned login credentials to enter the portal.

  4. From there, the process is self-service. Buyers upload a list of addresses of interest and the portal enables them to:
    • Validate all locations – even for bulk uploads
    • See a complete list of service offerings for each location
    • Review pricing for each location
    • Flag specific listings or mark favorites
    • Choose the exact services they want and generate a quote
    • Initiate an order

Once a list of addresses is loaded, the system validates them.
For each location, the portal generates a full report on services, attributes, and pricing
 Buyers select the specific services and attributes they want and can immediately generate a quote.


So Fast. So Easy. So Game-Changing.

This revolutionary self-service approach delivers all the details needed to fulfill even complex RFPs. And it reduces the time to quote from days or weeks down to minutes, all in one easy-to-use system. Operators can free up their internal resources and be more competitive in the market while their partners get the information needed to take decisive action on time-sensitive opportunities.

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Author: Catie

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