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January 18, 2023 | Connectbase

Traditionally, the buying and selling of connectivity has been viewed as a time-guzzling process. As a seller, understanding, managing, and maintaining spreadsheets of buildings or figuring out how to find the best opportunities and price them was terribly arduous. As a buyer, getting the data you needed often required cross-referencing multiple systems and waiting … waiting … waiting when you had to rely on others to respond to your inquiries.

However, in 2022 you demonstrated how using the Connectbase platform is changing the whole market dynamic. Connectbase serves almost 300 providers globally including 28 of the top 30 infrastructure operators in the US. Last year alone, you used our deep, up-to-date location truth platform to access 2.1 billion locations during the year. With just a few clicks, you were

Using the data to grow your business

Getting the location intelligence was only the first leg of your journey. You applied the data you gathered to generate more than 500 unique building lists and initiate 17.9 million price quotes, reducing the time involved from weeks down to just hours for each specific quote.

 In addition, using our detailed near-net analysis capabilities, you were able to expand your total addressable market an average 10x, providing you with more opportunities to win. Having faster access to more accurate and comprehensive information gave you a competitive edge in a highly complex and contested environment.

Continuing to get better

Your feedback on the platform has been critical throughout 2022. Based on your insights, Connectbase implemented 538 product enhancements during the year. From small bug fixes to new product features, our mission is to make your workflow faster, easier, and more profitable. To that end, we have identified 8 key product improvements for 2023. We look forward to hearing your ideas on what’s next.

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Author: Catie

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