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October 17, 2023 | Connectbase

Author: Ben Edmond, Connectbase CEO & Founder

Did you know that there are at least 31 different ways to write out the address “1900 S Washington St, Grand Forks, ND 58201”? 

Variances in abbreviations, punctuation, and word order can alter how the address reads. Why does this matter? In the world of connectivity transactions, it can be the difference between completing a quote to secure a sale and getting the error message “Address Not Found.” You see, some systems can only translate the most basic variations, while the remaining ones fail.

How does Connectbase ensure every address can be found?

The Connected World platform has been built to validate and conform every address, no matter how it is written. Every month, we process approximately 4TB of data from a variety of sources. Globally, we are tracking 13,500 network carriers and their service availability. That information is cross-referenced with several different sources including government records, cellular and IP usage, and postal standards to ensure accuracy.

To date, we have achieved approximately 99% coverage of all US locations. That accounts for 128.28 million US locations. In addition, we’ve mapped 184.16 million global locations, and that number is rapidly growing.

So, when you enter an address into The Connected World CPQ, the odds of finding what you need are in your favor.


What is the business impact on connectivity buyers and sellers?

Because Connectbase has assembled all this information into one single platform and automated the search operation, users of the system can find information in mere seconds or minutes. Gone is the need to assign large numbers of human resources to processing quotes manually. Deals can be completed faster and more efficiently.

In addition, because of the accuracy of the data in The Connected World ecosystem, users can be better informed when making purchasing decisions. This is bottom-line critical when timetables and budgets are key elements of the transaction. And just when aren’t timetables and budgets major considerations?

Where can you learn more?

There’s still time for a last-minute registration to the 2023 Connectbase Customer Summit to be held October 30-November 1 in Boston. Day 1 of the agenda will focus on product training. Days 2 and 3 will offer a number of presentations by recognized industry leaders and current customers sharing their own use cases and business results. The entire event, themed Empowering Connections, will provide numerous opportunities for you to interact and network with your peers, partners, and product experts.

You can also request a demo. A member of our team will contact you to learn your specific needs and interests, then set up a time to walk you through the platform. For a quick summary of what we offer, you can also download our Connectbase Solution Overview.

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