4 Proactive Strategies to Reduce Order Fallout in Connectivity Services

November 14, 2023 | Connectbase

Author: Ben Edmond, Connectbase CEO & Founder

In the world of connectivity services, reducing fallout rates from double digits to single digits isn’t just an operational win—it’s a transformative move that can significantly improve both customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Our experience with customers consistently reinforces this truth. So, how can service providers practically achieve this?

How connectivity buyers can reduce fallout: A Guide for Service Providers

First, let’s consider ‘order fallout’ to be the scenario where a solution for a service request isn’t readily available. For service providers, mitigating the risks associated with order fallout is essential. Here are four strategies that can help you pave the way to success:

  1. Strategic Planning – Step into the shoes of a network planner and develop a targeted coverage strategy. This involves a comprehensive analysis of your serviceable areas, incorporating geographic, product, and network diversity factors. Leverage ongoing market intelligence and foster strong supplier partnerships to continuously enhance your service coverage. 
  2. Technological Integration – Embrace automation by integrating digital tools and processes. Utilize both public and proprietary APIs to stay connected with crucial information sources. This ensures you have the most updated serviceability data, product catalogs, and pricing information, which is vital for informed decision-making. 
  3. Robust Contingency Planning – Design multiple layers of coverage options to safeguard against unexpected challenges. Anticipate potential roadblocks that could impact your projects, budget, or timelines. With robust market and location intelligence, you can establish alternative plans that allow for quick and decisive action when situations deviate from the initial plan. 
  4. Enforcing Accountability – Expect and enforce accountability from your suppliers. Demand that they clearly outline any special construction requirements or potential delays in advance. Establishing precise communication protocols is critical to receiving timely and detailed project updates, allowing both you and your suppliers to proactively tackle issues before they escalate. 

The Cost of Ignoring Order Fallout in Connectivity

Neglecting order fallout during the initial negotiation phase can lead to serious repercussions for your profitability. Order fallout that occurs post-confirmation can result in the inability to deliver the service or failure to meet the agreed terms and timeline. This could necessitate reissuing the entire bids, incurring costly delays and price hikes.

Such fallout may stem from unforeseen construction costs, lack of necessary building access, or stretched labor and material availability that can extend timelines significantly. The bottom line is clear: the price of order fallout is steep. 

Reducing Fallout: Insights and Solutions

Connectbase’s ecosystem is designed to assist service providers in addressing order fallout effectively. For a deeper dive into our customers’ success stories and to learn how you can apply these insights, join us for a live webinar titled “The Bottom-Line Impact of Reducing Telecom Order Fallout Rates,” featuring Connectbase CEO and Founder Ben Edmond. This session is scheduled for Wednesday, December 6 at 2:00 pm EST and is sponsored by INCOMPAS.

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