Connectbase Launches Automated Self-Service NearNet Analysis via Connectivity Marketplace Platform

November 3, 2022

New capability empowers users to instantly expand their Serviceable Addressable Market

BOSTONNov. 3, 2022 -- Connectbase, The Industry Cloud for Connectivity, announces that users of The Connected World platform can now perform frequent, real-time, automated, Right of Way NearNet analysis – the process of identifying serviceable locations within a short distance from a fiber route. This ability represents a monumental shift in how NearNet analyses are done when it comes to identifying serviceable locations, managing and pricing assets, and driving connectivity growth. What was once a highly manual, time-consuming and costly process, is now an automated, efficient, highly accurate and cost-effective process - informed by location-based insights.

"Our NearNet analysis identifies nearby opportunities where our partners can sell to and grow their on-net footprint," comments Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder at Connectbase. "This process allows our Connected World users to strategically choose where to build for the best possible ROI, empowering them to scale with a plan. And those opportunities grow as the network grows. Putting that ability directly in our customers' hands allows them to understand and act on the opportunities that are right under their noses - in minutes, not days or weeks. It also provides an informed roadmap for network growth and future opportunities."

Connectbase created the location data powered NearNet Analysis at scale and is now taking it to the next level with a self-guided automated process. Connectbase's Right-of-Way (ROW) NearNet analysis results consider multiple impediments, such as river and railroad crossings, to offer the most accurate cost and time estimates for bringing a location on-net. Results are provided in both map and table formats. Compared to Line-of-Sight (LOS), which lacks insight into a given network build path, overstates reach within the capital constraints of most providers and fails to recognize impediments that increase costs and derail builds, ROW better highlights the ability to follow the path of connectivity.

"Timeliness and accuracy in NearNet analysis has been an obstacle that has cost billions over the last few decades," comments Mano Nachum, Chief Product Officer at Connectbase. "With our user-guided, automated analysis, sellers can expand and promote an increased list of buildings and locations. We empower them with immediate and accurate data in which to make informed, smart decisions, at speed. This leads to better potential response rates, happier customers and more opportunities for future growth as NearNet buildings become on-net. All of this equates to more revenue opportunities."

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