Connected2Fiber is Now Connectbase

February 2nd, 2022

Company rebrand reflects evolving nature of network infrastructure technologies and connectivity industry

BOSTON — FEBRUARY 2, 2022 — Connected2Fiber, The Industry Cloud for Connectivity, announces that it has rebranded to Connectbase. Following a year of significant milestones, the new branding and message is reflective of the company’s growth and solution evolution. The brand is now more aligned with the entire spectrum of network connectivity options, including wireless, copper, coax and fiber. And while the company’s name and branding have changed, its mission remains steady.

“From day one, we set out on a path to catalog the world's networks with location context and specificity and create a platform that streamlines and automates connectivity buying and selling,” comments Ben Edmond, Founder and CEO of Connectbase (formerly Connected2Fiber). “Our mission today, as it has always been, is to be the location source of truth for the connectivity industry. That doesn’t mean simply bringing buyers and sellers together. It means doing so on a foundation of detailed, location-specific intelligence, automation and efficiency.”

Connectbase’s SaaS-based platform for network buyers and sellers, The Connected World, manages over 1.4 billion locations across 147 countries. The product’s buyer cloud enables network providers to identify, manage, and quote ideal provider partners for any deal to mitigate fallout issues that plague over 20% of all connectivity orders globally. The seller cloud ensures that sellers of connectivity are maximizing opportunities when building capital-intensive networks and streamlining the sales process to prevent unnecessary costs and lost revenue. The accuracies and efficiencies provided by The Connected World significantly improve overall customer experience, which benefits all parties involved.

“Our rebrand doesn’t mark the completion of the mission, it marks the evolution and doubling down of that mission,” continues Edmond. “Today, Connectbase and The Connected World platform are at the center of that location-specific source of truth. It’s home base for connectivity buying and selling.”

Generating millions of quotes per month representing over $10 billion in global connectivity spend, The Connected World includes 1.4 billion actively managed locations, with over 5,800 network service providers mapped by location and more than 16 million tenants displayed by location. With a 108% jump in platform users over the past year, Connectbase now serves hundreds of customers, including the top 10 fiber infrastructure providers and MSOs in the United States. To view the new brand and to find out more about Connectbase, visit


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Connectbase is The Industry Cloud for Connectivity. The Connected World platform details and displays deep, trusted location-based insight and empowers users to leverage that insight to automate network buying and selling processes. Visit on the web at follow us on LinkedIn at

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