Cloverleaf Networks Joins the Connectbase Ecosystem, Expanding its Partnerships and Revenue Opportunities

December 21, 2022

Connectbase enables Cloverleaf to automate network discovery, serviceability and procurement, cutting its time to quote by nearly 90 percent

BOSTON – December 21, 2022 – Connectbase, the marketplace for connectivity, announces that Cloverleaf Networks, a provider of customized networking and data solutions for business clients nationwide, is the newest member of The Connected World platform. The Connected World — Connectbase's SaaS platform for connectivity buyers and sellers — details more than 1.8 billion locations across 150 countries, creating a living catalog of location-based intelligence and opportunities for Cloverleaf. As part of The Connected World digital ecosystem, Cloverleaf will have visibility and access to partners and their serviceable locations and pricing across the country.

“Connectbase’s The Connected World platform has been an absolute game changer for Cloverleaf,” said Joe Faherty, Founder and CEO at Cloverleaf Networks. “What used to be a highly manual process, taking days or weeks, now takes minutes. We’re able to address our clients’ multi-location networking needs quickly and efficiently and provide the best possible customer service. What’s more, simply by being a part of their ecosystem, we discover new business and new partnership opportunities. That’s good for everyone. We have already experienced the power of the tool and we’re just getting started.”

The Connected World’s Buyer Cloud enables network providers to identify, manage, and quote ideal provider partners for any deal to mitigate fallout issues that plague over 20 percent of all connectivity orders globally. The Seller Cloud ensures that sellers of connectivity are maximizing opportunities when building capital-intensive networks and streamlining the sales process to prevent unnecessary costs and lost revenue. The accuracies and efficiencies provided by The Connected World significantly improve overall customer experience, which benefits all parties involved.

“Cloverleaf Networks might just be one of the best pure use cases we’ve seen for The Connected World,” said Ben Edmond, Founder and CEO of Connectbase. “The manual process of sourcing and procuring network to service multiple locations in a single geographic area is challenging, really challenging. To do so for multiple locations across the globe is overwhelming at best – and simply impossible in some cases. But that’s exactly what Cloverleaf is doing. And now they’re doing it with the speed and accuracy their customers’ increasing demand requires. It’s automated, accurate and provides new opportunities to work with providers they maybe didn’t even know existed. The ecosystem is built by partners like Cloverleaf and we’re proud to have them as a partner.”

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About Connectbase

Connectbase is The Industry Cloud for Connectivity. Connectbase is a partner to the industry, enabling next generation buying and selling of connectivity, including automated quoting, and providing deep, trusted insights. Connectbase’s industry-leading platform, The Connected World, serves almost 300 providers globally, managing 1.8 billion locations across more than 150 countries. The Connectbase team has built a connected ecosystem transforming network buying and selling processes. Visit Connectbase at and follow us on LinkedIn at

About Cloverleaf Networks

Scottsdale-based Cloverleaf Networks is empowering workforces with top-to-bottom technology that connects people, places, and devices efficiently, saving client companies millions. Incorporating internet services, cyber security, SD-WAN cloud computing, voice communications, collaboration, automation, and internet of things (IoT), Cloverleaf Networks takes businesses from "wire-to-workgroup and beyond™."


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