What is a Data-Driven Pricing Strategy in the Connectivity World?

In any selling process, pricing will ultimately be a factor, and the connectivity industry is no exception. At Connectbase, we help our customers approach pricing from a few important and strategic angles.

  1. Determine pricing by geography, product, term, the level of competition within a given area, and the types of customers within a specific building.
  2. Provide transparency into your price point for prospects.
  3. Negotiate with confidence in the pricing you have set. 

Pinpoint pricing is a crucial competitive advantage for connectivity sellers looking to increase their win rates. The balance here is to find a way to provide this individual pricing at scale so that you can win more of the right deals. 

The traditional method of pricing in the connectivity industry has been a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. With buyers having more data at their fingertips thanks in part to digital ecosystems(Link to What Are Connectivity Ecosystems FAQ Page) like The Connected World Platform, it is imperative that you price competitively at each serviceable location. 

The data layers that we mentioned above allow you to protect your margin while not pricing yourself out of deals with your competition. With these insights, you can give transparency to your customers on your pricing and be positioned to win more of the right deals. 

The impact of a data-driven pricing strategy has been felt by our customers across the board. In fact, one top-ten operator saw an increase in their gross margin by 12% by using dynamic pricing.

Closing more deals at an increased margin of 12% is enough to make any sales team happy. 

Learn how we can help you improve your pricing strategy.

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