How Does Connectbase Help You Execute A More Accurate Near-Net Analysis?

Before we cover how Connectbase helps you execute a more accurate near-net analysis, let’s define near-net analysis: 

A service offering that provides a distance-based assessment of buildings in close proximity to a network service provider’s existing routes.

Simply put, it’s an analysis to understand the opportunities that exist close to where you already serve that you could build quickly to without large upfront costs. 

In ‘What is a Near-Net Building’ we covered some of the hurdles and inaccuracies that stem from the traditional methods of conducting a near-net analysis.

At Connectbase, our goal is to provide a better way to execute a near-net analysis and give you a more accurate view of these opportunities. 

Here’s how we completely and accurately identify your near-net opportunities. We look at access point locations and calculate the Right of Way path and distance for a fiber build from access point to rooftop address point, calculating both the public right of way distance such as the road and the private right of way distance across the parcel, penetrating the building footprint and terminating inside of the building.

The need for a more accurate way to calculate near-net opportunities is felt across the industry. In our customer spotlight with Jason Axthelm, VP of Business Development, OPTK Networks, he talked about feeling that their detailed near-net buildings lists were less than 50% accurate prior to partnering with Connectbase. Getting more accurate data, being more targeted with their approach, and doing all of this in an automated fashion helped them grow their sales team threefold.

If you are interested in learning more about how The Connected World Platform can help you accurately identify your near-net opportunities, book a demo with us.

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