How Does Automation Help With Communicating Serviceability For Wholesalers?

Being found and considered in as many deals as possible is a top priority for each and every person involved in the wholesale selling of connectivity.

Your serviceable locations list is not static and that means that the data on it goes stale very quickly. Whether you are dealing with new partnerships or you are looking to just compete and be considered in every potential deal with existing customers, making sure they have an accurate and properly formatted list of your serviceability is crucial. 

To compete in more deals, your serviceability needs to be easily accessible to partners and prospects. It’s your job to remove the friction in the buying process and that will lead to more sales opportunities for you. 

Managing and distributing your building lists manually is a painfully slow process that hurts your efficiency as a sales organization.

In our customer spotlight with OPTK Networks, Jason Axthelm, VP of Business Development, described managing their building lists as a burden to their in-house resources and said that it was costing them significant growth opportunities. 

This problem is not uncommon.

Your wholesale sales team wants to find a way to create a robust product catalog with the necessary configurations and seamlessly share this with your buyers. While automating the distribution process of this data is important, it’s also important that you match how your partners need the lists formatted. 

According to Connectbase Labs, there are 23 unique list formats in the Connected World Platform alone. Having a way to meet your customers’ needs in an automated way frees your sales team to do less list management and more selling. 

In short, automating how you communicate your serviceability helps you compete for more sales, enables your sales team to focus on selling, and it creates a better experience for your customers and your sales team. 


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