Why Telecom Sales Automation Is Essential

April 29, 2024 | Connectbase

No matter where or how it’s used, sales automation is always hailed for one big reason: When it’s working on your behalf, you can count on it making your life easier.

Make no mistake—when software tools offer automated sales solutions to power your business operations, even the most reluctant adopters of this technology will eventually concede that access to automation tools helps them do their job better, and often with less stress involved. But that’s far from the extent of automation’s benefits, and those benefits play a direct role in maximizing ROI for your business.

For telecom sales channels and departments, automation offers some important material gains that improve on-the-job performance and raise the ceiling for revenue generation from these activities. Here are some of the biggest impacts automation can make on your business model.


Customers Want Technology Solutions Faster

Today’s consumers are growing less patient with each passing day. They’ve come to depend on the speed of service that technology enables, and they want fast results when requesting quotes or other service from technology partners.

The best way for your telecom business to keep pace is through automating workflows that expedite the telecom configure, price, quote (CPQ) process.



Optimized Pricing Improves Sales Prospects

Both telecom businesses and their customers want a competitive price. Telecom businesses want to strike the perfect balance that lets them close the most deals at the highest margin.

Sales automation can help you achieve this by leveraging sales and other performance data to quickly deliver an optimized, competitive quote. Not only does this quote arrive faster thanks to automation, but the quote itself is built off of a broader base of data than manual quoting processes are able to account for.

Efficient Service Packaging Can Fulfill Complex Needs

Selling telecom services for a group of addresses? The potential combinations of services and business solutions can quickly become overwhelming. Even worse, the packages offered to customers may be inefficiently built and poorly priced.

Automated sales solutions for telecom can handle the complexity involved in building these service packages—and building them efficiently. It will both simplify the solutions used in the package and ensure a competitive and profitable price.

Data-Driven Research Fuels Improved Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately, customer satisfaction will be determined by their satisfaction with their telecom services. If you take too long to quote the correct services, you lose an opportunity. If you connect them to services that aren’t adequate to meet their needs, they’re likely to have a negative experience that sends them into the arms of your competitors.

Automated tools can help you avoid this by quantifying service options to find the best solution. Tools like Partner Quoting Portals rely on automation to consolidate and analyze data through a quantifiable evaluation. By recommending the best possible products, you set customers up for a more satisfied relationship with your business.

Address Your Biggest Sales Automation Concerns Through Innovative Software

The argument against telecom pricing automation for sales tends to rely on three key misconceptions about this service:

  • Telecom business and pricing rules are too dynamic to manage through automation.
  • Pricing varies between sales channels, and sometimes within a single sales channel.
  • A product subject matter expert (SME) is required to review every quote before delivery.

With Connectbase, however, all of these potential problems are addressed through the platform’s suite of business solutions. Telecom businesses no longer need to worry about the potential tradeoffs that may come with automation. With the right telecom solutions in place, you can leverage all of the benefits of automated operations, without compromising quality in your CPQ process.

See for yourself how automation can improve your CPQ process. Contact us today to learn more.

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Matt Clark
Author: Matt Clark

Matt Clark brings over two decades of experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategic growth to his role at Connectbase. Before assuming his current position, Matt served as President of MasterStream, a prominent telecom quoting software platform. Under his leadership, the team spearheaded initiatives to expand the platform’s reach and capabilities, while positioning MasterStream toward its successful acquisition by Connectbase. Matt‘s journey in the telecommunications industry began as a co-founder of RNi, a pioneering fixed wireless company. During that time, RNi achieved significant milestones and ultimately secured a successful acquisition in 2007. Matt‘s continued dedication to the company’s growth led him to assume various executive roles within the acquiring company, where he played a pivotal role in integrating assets and driving expansion strategies, culminating in a successful exit to GTT. Matt earned his Executive MBA at the W.P. Carey School of Business in 2015. Beyond his professional endeavors, Matt treasures spending quality time with his wife and three children. On weekends, you can often find him gathered around a fire, cooking delicious meals on the pit or grill, and enjoying the company of family and friends.

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