Multichannel News: Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond on Why Operators Should Think ‘Location First’

August 21, 2018 | Connectbase

Connected2Fiber Founder and CEO Ben Edmond recently contributed a guest blog post to Multichannel News entitled “Why Operators Should Think ‘Location-First’”.  The piece outlines the key trends that will transform the connectivity space and the way in which organizations in the sector go-to-market. Among these trends are 5G, the shift to cloud-based applications, and the pushing of content to the ‘edge’.  Ben details how each of these trends puts an emphasis on the network and how instilling a “location-first” mindset in commercial operations will position players for tremendous growth opportunities.

The blog drove home the importance of location-based intelligence in capitalizing on each trend.  For instance, when leveraging tenant data specific to a location, network service providers can more effectively prospect, position, and win within accounts that are seeking to increasingly adopt cloud-based applications and will need connectivity suitable to those changing consumption patterns.

The connectivity space will continue to evolve in 2019 and location-based intelligence will become a cornerstone asset on which critical sales, marketing, and planning decisions are made.  Those that recognize, embrace, and prepare for this new reality will be well-positioned to thrive and grow.

Author: Connectbase

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