Integrating SaaS Telecom Sales Automation into Your Agent Portal

April 29, 2024 | Connectbase

For telecom agents, the task of adopting digital transformation in their sales process can also bump up against the complications of making wholesale changes to their sales infrastructure.


Your business might have a need for SaaS telecom capabilities that can meet complex quoting needs and deliver accurate, efficient results. However, in many cases, SaaS telecom agents don’t want to disrupt or end their use of relied-upon sales solutions, such as a trusted customer relationship management (CRM) solution, when those tools are already able to meet their needs.

The challenge for those businesses is integrating these sales automation solutions into an existing sales tech stack, upgrading the telecom sales process while preserving the agent portal and end-user experience.

The Pain Points of Manual Quoting

As a provider operating with limited employees and internal resources, an inefficient sales and quoting process could cause you to fall further behind the pace of the competition. Although tools like CarrierAccess and QuoteDesk provide the basic cost-sourcing functions your business needs, SalesEdge steps things up and provides quote-to-order automation for all of your partner channels. 

Leveraging SalesEdge to build a better agent portal allows your business to address the following pain points:

  • Significant time investments for manual administration, which reduces your sales team’s time spent actually selling
  • Slow quote delivery, which can cost potential customers to your competition
  • Inconsistent quoting and/or quotes that aren’t optimized to maximize value for both parties, which can result in dissatisfied customers and a ding to your bottom line


SalesEdge addresses these pain points and provides comprehensive support through four main components:

A Concierge, White-Glove Approach

Your sales team can provide quotes on behalf of their partners, automating the entire quote, proposal and order paperwork solution down to only a few minutes, which supports a consultative product sales process.

Custom Self-Service Portals

Each agent partner receives access to their own portal and login, which improves functionality while enhancing connectivity with the channel partner.

Greater Interconnectivity with Partners

When working with partners who already use the Connectbase platform, SalesEdge channel managers aggregate partner quoting into one portal to provide a centralized quoting tool that makes use of multiple databases. 

Extending a Serviceability and Pricing Application Programming Interface (API)

An API-based service gives providers flexibility in how they leverage SalesEdge and integrate its functionality with external partner’s sales tech infrastructure. This API approach provides speed of deployment, performance flexibility, and the ability to enrich their partner’s software applications.

Benefits of Integrated SaaS Telecom Sales Automation

By leveraging Connectbase’s agent portal solution, your business can gain the following advantages:

  • Scaling your agent quote operations: Automation allows your sales team to do more with less. This increases your workload capacity in the short term, and enables easier scaling as your business grows.
  • An easier experience for partners and customers: Automation eliminates friction in your own operations, which makes your business more attractive to both your partner companies and the prospects you’re trying to convert.
  • Dramatically improved quoting intervals: With its API integration and multi-faceted automation capabilities, SalesEdge speeds up the compare, price, quote (CPQ) process and provides faster—and more accurate—quoting.
  • Automated proposal and order documents: Automated administrative work frees up sales staff to spend more time focusing on other tasks.
  • Clean and workable orders: Automation reduces data errors and inconsistencies that can plague manually created orders.
  • Key business intelligence data through reporting: This includes partner performance, product performance, and geographic areas of interest, among other strategic data points.

Build a Better Telecom Agent Portal

In a competitive, crowded marketplace, SaaS telecom providers can’t afford to hitch their success to outdated quoting processes rife with inefficiencies and slow customer service. Through Connectbase’s quoting portal technology, providers can bring their quoting ahead of the curve without disrupting the successful components of their sales process.

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